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Product-related notice

RISE delivers most of the products that is being displayed on the website. Most of the products displayed on the website are available at our stores. Some of them may not be found in stores due to stock limitation or any other unavoidable constraints.

  • Product Attributes- RISE always puts the best effort to maintain the entire product attributes such as color, fabric, size and fitting to be same in what you see in the website and purchase from us. We cannot guarantee all this attributes specially the color to be same (In website and in store) due to display differences of customers used technology such as mobile/tablet/computer/laptop etc.


  • Pricing and Payments- Due to typographical or photographical mistake if there is any error in price found on the product, RISE will postpone all the placed order of the customer till the right price is being updated. Price of the products is quoted in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) and subject to VAT as per laws of Bangladesh. RISE will not provide refunds in case of online orders, delivery/return/exchange of a product.
  1. Disclaimer

RISE always attempts to keep updated information on a product and its attributes. Hardly, there can be any information on website, social media sites or in newsletters that may contain typographical errors. RISE claims the authority to rectify any errors, update or add any information at any time without any given notice. Errors are unintentional and we are extremely sorry for your inconvenience.

  1. Legal Notice

www.rise-brand.com is owned, managed and secured by RISE. All the contents such as the company logo, products, graphic artworks, photographs, tradable dresses and accessories, design of the products, concepts as well as documents are licensed by RISE and protected by the Bangladesh copyright laws. Any private enterprise or trading usage of these properties of RISE without prior concern is strictly prohibited and in case of any suspicious claim or action RISE shall resolve the matter under the arbitration act Bangladesh.

However customers can download any electronically printable copy such as: offer circular, survey form, any contest circular, promotional activity details, product image, membership card details, return & exchange form for personal use only.

  1. Customer Service/Communication

We highly recommend you to communicate with us regarding any issue from our website, social media platforms or hotline number. RISE aims to serve the customer queries in the fastest way possible with proper information. Sometimes due to technical difficulties or any unavoidable circumstances RISE customer service may delay in time to reply you. We apologies to you for this inconvenience in advance.

However, we always welcome you to suggest us anything that would help us to serve you the best. For social media communication such as: Facebook, Instagram or in website we highly recommend you to E-mail/post/comment us in appropriate language. Any inappropriate language will not be entertained in our digital platforms and he/she will be banned immediately.


Due to a very large volume of orders during our  sale, delivery might take a few days longer than normal. Please allow 7 to 10 business days to receive your shipment.

Discount items are not exchangeable